What is a mock interview ?

images (3)What is a Mock Interview?

A mock interview with Interview Advantage is the closest you will ever get to the real thing. Our interview expert has over 15 years of experience giving interviews for a consulting company and in graduate recruitment.

A mock interview can show any weaknesses in your interaction with the interviewer. It will also teach you how to capitalise on your current strengths. Many times graduates do not even realise where they went wrong.

It is often possible to think the interview went great but in fact there may have been incidents or subtle giveaways that don’t reflect well.

Knowing in advance what the interviewer is looking for helps to avoid common pitfalls during your discussion. You will discover real strategies that real interviewers use and this helps you to be aware of the process more which gives greater confidence.

Most of the time a mock interview addresses the following:

  • Engaging body language
  • Voice modulation, tone and speech
  • Learning to keep answers concise under pressure
  • Techniques to reduce uncomfortable pauses and “uhms”
  • Proper eye contact
  • Posture

Mock interviews are an important part of our work at Interview Advantage but the difference between our interviews and the examples you may find on you tube or with other companies is the quality of the interview.

Our mock interview expert has years of actual experience with one of the top consulting firms in the world. Blue chip companies will not let you off lightly with a list of common interview questions. They will drill down into your answers to discover all they can.

Interview Advantage will give you the edge you need to compete and succeed in this tough economic climate.