Sixth Form Students experience ‘Interview Advantage’ style mock interviews

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Directors, Kate and Tony, were in action last night giving ‘Interview Advantage’ style training and tips to Sixth Form students.

The evening saw two mock interviews with common interview questions and answers in front of a large crowd as a practical learning experience. Of course, everyone was to benefit from such a show, though both interviewees took the most from the practice.

Personal feedback post interview helped one of the interviewees summarise what she took from the exercise.

“It made me realise that I need to work on talking directly to the interviewer (to start with I made little eye contact), giving lots of examples (e.g. I mentioned that I was self-motivated, but had to be prompted to give an example), and expanding on points, looking at different sides of the argument when I can’t think of a clear answer (she asked me something like ‘what evidence is there for humans still evolving?’ Which threw me a bit).”

It seems that many high calibre students find comfort in playing down their strengths, as our interviewee noted, “I also need to make sure I don’t say e.g. ‘Quite organised’ – I should use more positive language, i.e. omit ‘quite’.”

With more practice you can feel that much more confident that the interviewer is just trying to get to know you, your strengths, and weaknesses in a normal conversation.

It is inevitable that you will be on edge before, as our interviewee commented, “I was pretty nervous beforehand and at the beginning of the interview, mostly because it was in front of our entire year, and I wasn’t used to answering the kinds of questions that I knew were going to be in the interview, but I soon settled into the interview and it went fine.”

Kate and Tony were said to be very welcoming, which made “the practice interview a really good experience.”

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