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Oxbridge Applications

Established in 1999, Oxbridge Applications is the global leader in Oxbridge admissions consulting. They provide expert guidance and support for students at every stage of their application to Oxford and Cambridge, as well as those applying to top UK medical and law schools.


Career Leader

CareerLeader is a fully integrated approach to business career self-assessment built on the premise that one’s interests, motivators and skills will drive their future career success and satisfaction.


Bright Network

The exclusive careers network just for Times Top 20 & Russell Group students


How-to academy

The how to: Academy provides compact courses for people who think big. Whether you want to build a bicycle in a morning, make a movie in a weekend, master James Joyce or start an on-line business, they have the expert who can make it happen.


Assessment Day

Practice the tests employers use and improve your chances of success.


Penn University Strengths Test


The Perfect Voice

You might not realize it, but your professional success, personal happiness, and satisfaction in life is directly linked to your ability to communicate. And by communicate, we’re not just talking about the words you use.


career progression, graduate recruitment support, interview advantage




Lawyer 2B

Lawyer 2B is The Lawyer’s dedicated student magazine, website and careers event organiser. You will find all the news, advice, analysis & resources you need to help support your law studies and career progression.