Pre-Interview Checklist – The Top 40


Here is an overview of a pre-interview checklist.

1. Be prepared ahead a time.

2. Conduct research about the company that you are interviewing with and the position for which you are applying.

3. Review common questions asked in job interview and do a mock interview practice with someone else, or in front of the mirror.

4. Try to use stories that relate to the skills that the employer wants.

5. Talk about your strengths and give examples of times when you’ve demonstrated certain behaviours.

6. Show your willingness to be flexible.

7. Leadership skills, talk about them and how you have demonstrated them.

8. Contributions to organizations that you have volunteered for.

9. Creativity in solving problems.

10. Figure out in advance how well you qualify for the job

11. Write down your qualifications, this can show if you lack any particular skill.

12. Decide how you will address any development areas and convince the interviewer that you can learn.

13. Dress appropriately for the position in which you will be working. Observe proper interview dress code.

14. Answer the question the interviewer asks – not what you would like to have been asked.

15. Know what is on your CV.

16. Present why you are qualified for the job.

17. Tell them why you want to work for the company.

18. Stay calm and focused.

19. Review your work history so that what you are saying matches what is on your CV.

20. Don’t go to an interview drinking coffee or chewing gum.

21. Don’t wear excessive amounts of perfume.

22. If you are a smoker, don’t smoke before going into an interview, you don’t want to smell like an ashtray for the interview.

23. Be sure to wear enough deodorant.

24. Make sure your hair is clean and neatly brushed and put back.

25. Don’t talk on your mobile phone or listen to your iPod while waiting to be called for your interview.

26. Go to your interview alone. You don’t want to appear dependent on others to get to and from your job don’t take friends or children or friends with you. If you have to have someone drive you there, have them wait outside in the car or come back and get you later.

27. Make good eye contact.

28. Listen carefully to the interview questions that the interviewer is asking you.

29. Be polite.

30. Smile.

31. Answer questions as directly as possible.

32. Paint the best picture possible without making yourself sound arrogant.

33. Arrive to an interview on time.

34. Determine how far you have to travel for the interview, even by going there a few days ahead of time around the same time as the interview so that you can get a feel of how long it will take for you to get there, and this will help you determine how much time you need to make it to the interview on time.

35. Determine the appropriate people to list as references

36. Be honest when answering questions, if you do not know the answer be honest and tell them you don’t know, don’t fabricate an answer.

37. Find out what is important to them.

38. Be sure to ask questions to an interviewer as you have them, the more interactive the better.

39. Don’t be the first one to bring up pay, but when asked about it, be realistic and honest.

40. Try not to talk about home or family life unless the interviewer asks about it.

Check in on the status, but try not to be a pest about it, just enough to let them know that you still want the position that you interviewed for.