Listening and being listened to

This has got to be a more interesting and relaxing form of preparation for an interview than sitting in front of a pile of notes for hours. Break your preparation time up into diverse lessons; the short clip below will be sure to wrap up what you may learn from this memorable acronym.


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Be engaging: Make people want to listen to you

Remember to make eye contact as this ensures that you are being listened to. Feeling as if the person is interested in what you have to say will give you the confidence you may be searching for in the interview. You may find this acronym, mentioned in the TED talk below, useful to frame whatever you say:

Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity, Love

Try to take on board Julian Treasure’s comments on different voices’ timbre in this video. Giving colour to your voice should make for a stronger presence and character. This can only make YOU more memorable in the interview room.

This advice may be the key to avoiding your interview nightmare:

Avoid the 7 deadly sins in an interview and you should avoid your interview nightmare.

  1. Gossip
  2. Judging
  3. Negativity
  4. Complaining
  5. Excuses
  6. Lying
  7. Dogmatism

Don’t forget that as much as you want to be listened to, it is key to listen well to the interviewer. Whatever you say and however you say it will not matter if you are not answering the question!

If you feel that this is an area you could improve in time for your next interview and many more years of job applications, take a look at our advice on body language and contact us for your own bespoke coaching.