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Punchy and well-presented LinkedIn and online profiles are key building blocks for building a personal brand and preparing successful applications for careers in leading professional service and financial sector firms. No one can hide from their online presence nowadays. At Interview Advantage we see that as another opportunity for you to make your mark and put your best foot forward for your internship or graduate job application.


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Many graduate recruiters now use LinkedIn profiles rather than, or in addition to, requesting CVs. This by no means lessens the importance of the CV, but it does heighten the importance and attention you should give your LinkedIn profile. What you’ve done before and during your time at university gives colour to your personal profile, on LinkedIn and in your CV; it’s what improves your chances of making it to the interview stage. For some students it is a challenge to articulate their achievements in the language graduate recruiters use. We have screened thousands of CVs over the years and have a clear understanding of what employers are looking for. We will review your CV (and personal statements as well as LinkedIn profile, if these are required) and offer feedback, thereby ensuring your CV, personal statements and LinkedIn profile reflect your experience and abilities in the best possible light and have maximum impact.

The Interview Advantage team has experts who can not only assist you with your CV and cover letter preparation, but also help you write your story and hone the perfect personal pitch. We believe in the power of a great story and our sessions aim to focus, in part, on formulating the best, most powerful narrative to sell your qualities to the interviewer or recruiter.

Make a no-fee, no obligation call to discuss how our service could be of use to you, be it solely for LinkedIn profile support, or for help and advice with your application as a whole. We would recommend either the Interview Advantage programme or the Bespoke service, an invitation-only programme. Both these packages may be tailored to improve your LinkedIn profile as part of the overall support we give you.

All of our services take place in both Oxford and London.


Should you wish to experience a taster of Interview Advantage’s Interview training and coaching services, you can contact us for an initial no fee, no obligation conversation.



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