Your law firm vacation placement and training contract applications

The key things that matter

1. Academics and online tests

  • Your academic record is crucial : it has to be good, and it has to be consistent.
  • Performance in online verbal reasoning test also counts.

2. Extra curricular

  • Your extra curricular achievements must show that you take on responsibility and challenges involving teamwork.
  • Extra curricular activities that demonstrate curiosity, passion and persistence are highly desirable.
  • Law firms prize pro bono and charity work.

3. Motivation and other factors

  • You need to show that you are truly motivated to become a lawyer.
  • A consistent trail of work experience/placements in the legal sector will help considerably.
  • Employers also look for enthusiasm, creativity, curiosity and resilience.

4. Written style

  • Your written style must be persuasive and accurate.
  • Use plain language and short sentences.
  • Write from the heart. Warmth and tone are important – you must come across as a likeable person.
  • Give examples to back your claims. Refer to your CV where necessary.
  • Paint a portrait of yourself as a person. If possible tell a story which is relevant to your application, and illustrates (for example) your motivation for wanting to be a commercial lawyer of for undertaking a particular extracurricular activity. Put the engaging stuff about yourself, your motivations and passions at the beginning of the application or covering letter.
  • Ask yourself : does this tell the world who I am and what makes me tick ?
  • Remember that you’re selling yourself. Don’t be overmodest or shy.
  • Have a friend read what you’ve written and critique it.
  • Check for typos. Any typos may mean automatic rejection. Read what you’ve written three times normally, and twice backwards (yes, really : you may find hidden typos that way).

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