Interview training and coaching

At Interview Advantage, interview training isn’t just mock interviews. It’s about training and coaching in the whole range of skills necessary to make the best personal impact. Our team of experts equip you with the skills you need to write and present with impact. They practise voice coaching and confidence training, as well as commercial awareness preparation. We coach you to be self-aware through providing you with body language instruction and training in many other interview skills. It is important to us that our students progress from our service to be aware of the all-round training they have received. While we focus on the interview itself, we also spend time covering the written aspect of the job or internship application. We feel it part of our responsibility to ensure that your online profile is as best as it could be, which is of key importance as employers will look at your social media presence when assessing your candidacy.

Our support and expertise can be delivered to you on either through the Interview Advantage service, which involves one or more individual sessions, or through the Bespoke Service programme which provides constant, ‘on tap’ support.

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Interview Training and Coaching ‘on tap’


The Interview Advantage package prepares those clients who need pre-interview training, support and coaching. We guide you through the application process and share our knowledge and advise at every step of the way. We have a successful track record in training and coaching our clients through the graduate recruitment process for the most competitive graduate roles.

The Bespoke programme is available to a maximum of 20 selected students. This ensures an exceptional level of support and time spent with each of our Bespoke service students. It is ideal for students to join our service in their first or second year of University. We train and coach them through the internship, interview and job application processes right up until the moment they receive a full-time employment offer.

Should you wish to experience a taster of Interview Advantage’s Interview training and coaching services, you can contact us for an initial no fee, no obligation conversation.


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