Before an interview tips


You have finally received an invitation to interview. How do you now make sure that you do your best?. The key is in the interview preparation.

Good interview preparation is just not enough when competition is so fierce. The following list will give you a starting point. Do consider getting expert job interview advice to ensure that every area is covered. Each position and company will conduct the interview process using different approaches. In the absence of an interview coach / mentor you would do well to follow these tips:

  • Take another look at your CV from an interviewer’s vantage point. Where do you fall a bit short? Be prepared for a tough interview to focus on your short comings to see how you deal with high pressure situations.
  • More research. Take this time to learn all you can about the company. You should be able to find genuine reasons why working for this particular company is so great. It is not enough to only check the website and annual reports. Try press releases, news and other literature that the company releases. Know who they partner with and who their main competitors are.
  • More research. Knowledge is power and the more you know the more relaxed you will be. What services do they offer?, what policies do they post?. The more you know the better responses you can come back with. Get plenty of background on what is going on in their market or industry.
  • Prepare your interviewer questions to ask. At some point they will probably ask if you have any questions. You should never lead with “what is the pay here?”. Prepare a list that shows your interest in the company and how it works. It is best to sneak in a few intelligent questions that lead from the interviewers comments. Many applicants are so nervous they miss prime response opportunities by not listening carefully to what the interviewer is saying.
  • Participate in a mock interview. You can go over questions as much as you like “in your head” but you will be surprised how different it is to actually having a proper mock interview with someone with substantial experience. Enlisting your friends to help may be better than nothing but do they really have any idea of how a real interview might be conducted? The more realistic you can make it, the better your chances of success.
  • Visualise. Take time to imagine they way a great interview might go. Picture how you might stand or sit. Visualising you and the interviewer smiling and getting on. Great athletes picture themselves achieving their goals before they ever even attempt anything.
  • Get a haircut and prepare your clothes. A new haircut or trim will give you a sharp image. Now is not the time to try something different or be daring. Go with a serious look and make sure your clothes are professionally pressed and cleaned.
  • Get it all together. Prepare a briefcase with all you may need for your interview. Some things may include, case studies, extra copies of your CV, calculator, certificates, transcripts, references, address book, notepad and pen, identification, portfolio or work examples, and anything else the employer may have asked for in the job posting or confirmation.
  • Get directions. Best to do a dry run. Actually going to the place about the same time of the interview will make sure you know the way and aren’t late.
  • Go to bed early. If you are nervous it is likely that you may have a rough sleep, going to bed earlier than usual may make up for any potential loss of sleep.
  • Turn of your phone. The last thing you need is your mum calling during the interview. A distraction like that can be exceptionally embarrassing and can come across as rude to your potential employer.

“Before an interview tips” can be different for each position. Make sure you have the best advantage for your interview and have a mock interview practice with us either in London or Oxford in person or by Skype anywhere in the world.