Interview Preparation and The Telegraph


The Telegraph recently confirmed the importance of good interview preparation. (read the article here) Our interview experts agree that it is surprising how many graduates are not putting their best foot forward by discovering where in the interview process they are letting themselves down.

It all starts at the CV and that is where we start at Interview Advantage. With employers sometimes having hundreds of applicants for a post it is important to make sure your CV for work will stand out from the others. Many make the mistake of not tailoring the document more to the company they are applying for.

Make sure you know the role and the company inside out. If you know someone in the industry, take the chance to grill them for information – the more knowledge you have of the sector, the more confident you will feel answering questions.

We can help you demystify the graduate recruitment process. And once you have your interview booked, we make sure your interview preparation is second to none. It is often not what you know but how you say it that brings results.

Our interview expert Kate Harris knows that another one of the main problems is that graduates don’t have enough experience of formal interviewing. They might go on You Tube and look at mock interviews but they don’t reflect a true interview situation where the employer drills down into your answer. They think they are preparing well but on the day of the interview they realise too late that staged questions in a video are far and away from a true interview situation.

Interview preparation often comes down to being able to express yourself concisely, clearly and convincingly. At Interview Advantage, we teach mechanisms which allow you to easily communicate while keeping to the point.

“Confident, well informed candidates come across well,” says Sajida Akhtar, Resourcing Manager at Debenhams. “We want candidates to be focused, but also realistic about the role that they are applying for. When I was recruiting for one entry level position, one candidate asked me how often they would get to travel, which wasn’t realistic for a graduate job.”

High quality interview preparation allows you to be more relaxed and showcase the attributes that will get you the job.

Most importantly make sure you want the job you are applying for. In some cases it appears obvious to the interviewer that a student is not well suited to the position. In these cases it can be that graduates are following a career because they think it will be a good income earner or because their family thinks it is a great career not because it is what they want. Enthusiasm for a job will win out in the end, no matter how hard you prepare.

In the end you only have one shot and great interview preparation training means increasing your job interview success substantially.