Interview Advantage Career Choice

Knowing where to go

Interview Advantage Career Choice is for those clients who are thinking about the direction in which to launch their career. The service includes up to three tailored sessions during which we assess the client’s strengths and preferences, and build a career plan.

Employers like to hire candidates who show commitment to a particular vocation. A consistent trail of work experience in a particular area will signpost that commitment clearly. And with the selection processes of top recruiters starting earlier and earlier, your first year at University is the time to decide on your career path so that you can plan your work experience.

But what if you don’t know what you want to do ?

Initial no-fee, no-obligation conversation : The Interview Advantage service begins with a no-fee, no-obligation conversation. For us, its purpose is to discover what you are looking for, and whether we are the best people to help you. It also allows you to find out if you like us and whether you believe we can make a difference.

Tailored programme assessment : Following that conversation, we will provide you with our assessment of your needs.

Assessing your strengths and preferences : Deciding on a career is sometimes very confusing, especially when you have no real idea of what professional life looks and feels like in practice. We will help you to demystify this, and discover your strengths and preferences for a particular vocation with the help of online personality strength and career profile analysis. [Possibly include links here to Resources page which will contain a description/links to CareerLeader and the free VIA Strengths test]

Coaching you towards a career plan : We will take you through the results of that analysis in detail in our first session with you. We will then follow that with one or two further coaching sessions which will help you find the right career path. [If it’s useful, we will arrange a discussion with practicing professionals to help you form a clearer picture of what life in particular professions may be like.]

The process will help you :

  • Understand your strengths
  • Become aware of what is important to you in a career
  • Clarify your work/life balance requirements
  • Grasp what is involved in a particular vocation, both in terms of what people actually do in that profession as well as what daily life in that profession looks and feels like
  • Determine your preferred career path