Internship coaching – what is it?

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Internship Coaching Defined


In the highly competitive world of Graduate Recruitment, it is becoming increasingly important for students to spend their penultimate summer in some form of internship.  This is particularly the case if you are interested in pursuing a career in Banking, Financial Services, Law or Professional Services.

Indeed, in a recent survey published by High Fliers research, it stated that although graduate vacancies will be the highest they’ve been in the UK for seven years, 4 in ten positions being advertised  for Graduates in 2014, will be reserved for those with previous experience i.e internship, industrial placements or work experience.

So what is an internship and why is it valuable?

An internship is a way for you, as a student, to learn on the job for your chosen field and to experience whether you enjoy the nature of the work and the environment.  It provides you with valuable real world experience that you could never get in a classroom and also provides an opportunity to impress a potential employer. It can forge valuable contacts for your future and allow you to network with others in your sector. Internships may be paid or unpaid but that should not be a factor in your decision making. The real value in these positions is the potential for your future.

A great internship can open doors in ways that you might never imagine. Internship coaching can begin with helping you write you CV and cover letters but also covers which employers/internships may be best for your chosen career path. Our Graduate recruitment experts can help you to make an action plan and execute it. From our experience, it really makes a difference if you can start exploring your options as soon as possible.  Giving you time to prepare and give yourself a much needed edge.

It is not too early to talk to one of our consultants in your first year in university. We save you valuable time and effort focusing only on what will bring the best results. We specialise in Banking and Financial Services, Law and Professional Services – although most sectors are considered. We can meet face- to- face in London or Oxford. If you can’t travel or live elsewhere in the UK or the world we also offer  Skype or telephone coaching sessions. We can travel internationally upon request.

It’s important to remember that it is often more competitive to get an internship opportunity with a top firm than it is to get a full-time position – given the numbers involved.  So make sure you give it your best shot.  Our internship coaching will bring out the best of your talents.