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Interview Advantage, the leading graduate recruitment preparation specialists, offer training and coaching for students wanting to land the top graduate jobs. Our team has in depth experience working within prestigious organisations hiring the best and brightest graduate talent.


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We have extensive knowledge of what is required to secure internships and full-time roles in the following sectors:

  • law
  • strategy consultancy and management consultancy
  • banking
  • accountancy
  • financial services sectors

We specialise in bespoke preparation, training, support and coaching of high calibre graduates for the top jobs.  For student and parents in the know, we are often regarded as the first point of contact for those interested in applying for training contracts and internship placements. We tailor each of our three services, BespokeInterview Advantage, and Career Counselling.  Our training and coaching is designed to meet individual needs perfectly.  

Sometimes our clients are nervous about completing employer psychometric tests and need support through those stages.  Here, we provide test preparation, guidance and coaching in a safe environment.  We can offer the following in-house (with feedback on how to improve):

  • psychometrics
  • critical reasoning (Watson Glaser)
  • verbal reasoning
  • numerical reasoning

Our training and coaching comes in the form of three different packages to suit all needs:

Our Career Choice  is for those clients who need support and coaching to understand their strengths and weaknesses and align them with the best career fit for them.

Interview Advantage One-off Sessions are for those undergraduates and graduates who have identified their chosen sector and want to receive expert advice to secure their objective. We prepare you to the highest standard for every stage of the competitive assessment process. Sometimes the best qualified people do not secure the top jobs, but the best prepared do.

Our bespoke service is our premium service.  Here you have unlimited access to our graduate recruitment experts.  With this service, it is never to early to start.  ideally we like to work with students as soon as they start university.  We can then work with them to build their CV and prepare them for early internship opportunities.  However, it is open to all years.

All of our services are available in both Oxford and London (Bespoke Service is available nationwide).

Should you wish to discover more about our Graduate training and coaching services, please contact us for an initial no fee, no obligation conversation.

Career Choice

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