Get the job you really want

best-interviewPeople work 8 hours a day, often more than that. If something takes so much of your day, shouldn’t you get the job you really want?

The problem is that you will probably only get one chance and if you blow it, then that chance is gone. Students are told to study hard and then work years to ensure that they have the academic background to get a good job, then prepare for an hour or two for the big interview. It is just not enough. The interview is the place where all your achievements have to shine in just the right way. The idea that your academic record or experience will be enough is ludicrous.

The internet is full of tales of woe from interviews that have gone bad. You can read many stories and often you will see applicants blame the interviewer. They may have said the interviewer was rude. (Have you considered that the interviewer may have been testing how you might handle a difficult client?) They may have said the interviewer didn’t explain a question enough or say what to bring to an interview. (Have you considered that the employer was looking for an ability to think for yourself or to problem solve?) Knowing interview tactics that may be used ahead of time can save much embarrassment. It can be a shock to realise that normal rules that may have applied when you interviewed for a part-time job during school aren’t the same when applying for a highly competitive graduate programme. Most people never know why they fail an interview and often go to the next one and make the same mistakes.

If you are pursuing a career that really matters, then you should make sure that you have given yourself every advantage possible. Spend days preparing even before you apply. You may have even been preparing years before your first interview, networking with people along your career path and researching the type of companies in your chosen field. Many applicants either blindly follow job description instructions (or don’t follow them at all) and don’t do that little bit extra that may get them noticed. Companies receive hundreds of CVs and just doing your best will never be enough. Our interview coach is a top interviewer, working for blue chip companies, she can reveal secrets that will set you apart from other candidates. If you want to get the job you really want, then you have to go after it with a tenacity and dedication that will bring you to the attention of your potential employer.