Frequently Asked Questions

  • Must I have my CV prepared before our meeting?
    Ideally yes. We spend time at the start of the session reviewing your CV and you will be given feedback on how it can be improved. The real value of the session, though, is the mock interview and feedback. That is where most of our time together should be spent, rather than on preparing a CV.Your careers service will help you put your CV together and it’s helpful if we can review it before we meet.If you are truly struggling, of course we can help you with your CV; ultimately, it is entirely up to you where we focus effort during our time together.
  • I am in my last year at University. I’m intimidated by how competitive the job market is and I get nervous about interviews. Can Interview Advantage help me?
    It’s entirely normal to be anxious about interviews, most people are. One of the many benefits we give you is a clear idea of what to expect, so that you are prepared for the previously unknown. It gives you the confidence to approach interviews positively. We may not be able to eradicate all nerves but that’s a good thing, as you need some adrenaline to perform well under pressure.
  • I have a decent CV and have had several interviews but have been unsuccessful. I have asked for feedback but nothing is forthcoming. I am beginning to think there is something wrong with me. Can you help?
    Firstly, there is nothing wrong with you. There could be any number of reasons why you are not getting to the next stage. We’ll help identify what those reasons might be. It’s frustrating when companies don’t give feedback but nowadays this is usually offered only at final round/assessment centre stage, so don’t take lack of feedback personally.By following our tried and tested process of CV review and practice interview we’ll offer in-depth feedback and identify where you might be going wrong. We can be more candid than prospective employers, and we’ll help you overcome shortcomings in interview technique.Remember, though, that sometimes there can be a mismatch between expectations and abilities, so we can also consider whether your career goals are realistic.
  • I am interested in a career in Consulting and would like to practise case studies with you. Do I need to prepare before we meet?
    No. It is helpful if you have a general idea of what is involved (check for case studies on consultancies’ recruitment websites) and are comfortable with basic business terminology, but our job is to prepare you for this and to demystify the case study so please do not worry about it.
  • If I am called for an interview with only a few days notice, will you be able to see me?
    It is always worth asking, even at short notice. There are times of the year during the traditional recruiting cycle when we are particularly busy (November through February). However, we will do our best to fit you in.
  • I notice that you are based in Oxfordshire, do I have to travel to you?
    We are happy to meet elsewhere but it becomes costly. If we travel to you we charge 50% of our hourly rate for the travel time, plus expenses. Our offices are in Central North Oxford and are easy to reach from the train and bus stations.We have access to offices in Central London where we can meet for a small additional premium. Sessions in London do not incur time/travel costs.
  • How long do sessions last and how do I know how long I will need?
    This will be covered in our initial telephone conversation when we’ll identify your needs and goals, determine if we can be of assistance, and how long we’ll need together.
  • I am an MBA, can you only help those MBAs considering careers in consulting?
    Our experience with MBAs is in the area of consulting and that is where we can offer the greatest insight. If you are considering an alternative career we can always have an initial telephone conversation (which incurs no charge) to see whether we can be of assistance.
  • Starting in the First Year seems too early for The Bespoke Service – my son/daughter needs to settle in.
    We appreciate that the start of university life is an exciting time; full of new experiences and excitement. However, the earlier we start working with clients the better. Given that our support is unlimited – there is no fee differential for enrolling in matriculation, penultimate or final years – our preference is to enrol students in their first year of study, working with them through internship applications and on to a full-time offer.Many students are unaware that to be ahead of the curve, they need to apply for “Spring Weeks” and “Insight Days” as early as their first term at University.While we will consider high potential students who have already graduated, our fees are higher as the challenges presented are greater.
  • Given the “unlimited” support, the Bespoke Service must be very expensive?
    The Bespoke Service is an investment of time and money on both parts. The value of the programme lies in the comprehensive support from recruitment experts and the future opportunities it will create. Furthermore, the fee structure is designed to deliver success; being split between upfront and success tranches. We work with clients right through to a full-time employment offer being made.
  • Can The Bespoke Service help with other sectors?
    The programme supports students in developing the interview, communication and application form/CV skills they will need to fulfil their potential in internship and job interviews. These professional skills will help students in a wide range of professional areas beyond our core sectors.The core sectors are used to indicate the areas in which we have strong expertise. However, please let us know if you have any specific interests and we would be delighted to discuss.