First impressions count the most. And when you’re applying for an internship or graduate position, your CV, personal statement and cover letter are your chance to get that first impression right. At Interview Advantage, we make sure that your ‘paper-self’ pops to the top of the pile and does not end up on the reject pile.

For support and guidance in preparing your CV, personal statement and/or covering letter choose either one of our Interview Advantage or Bespoke packages. You’ll get structured, step-by-step, individually tailored tailored advice on perfecting personal resumes and covering letters. We’ll spend time analysing your strengths, how you see yourself and how others see you, and discover what makes you tick and what your motivations really are. Then, we help you to write the story that will sell you. Have a look at our tips for writing your story and gain insights into how powerful a good personal narrative can be. Our support team includes top recruitment specialists with a strong career history in leading professional service firms, a psychometric test expert and a professional business coach.


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The Interview Advantage package, made up of individual sessions that you can buy as you go along, is best suited to those clients who wish to focus on their pre-interview preparation and assessment centre preparation. We can also spend time concentrating on the written part of your application for jobs, vacation schemes and/or internships if that is what you feel would be most beneficial – it’s your choice. This package will enable you to come to us with questions or queries as the application process proceeds and your needs for interview coaching and preparation evolve.

Bear in mind that employers will assess you in a holistic way; that means your LinkedIn page and online profile must be as current and impressive as your company specific application. We ensure that you keep this in mind, and fulfil the expectations future interviewers have.

Our Bespoke package is more suited for those clients who envisage the desire or need for more long-term, ‘on tap’ support from our team of graduate recruitment experts from the written CV and covering letter through to psychometric testing, presentation skills training, social media profile-building, interview practice, commercial awareness tutorials and more. The bespoke package allows for on-going support, advice and coaching right the way through until a full-time employment offer. This is an invitation-only programme, which allows for our team to give the best possible support and advice to 20 selected students.

Should you wish to experience a taster of Interview Advantage’s Interview training and coaching services, you can contact us for an initial no fee, no obligation conversation.

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