Training contract and internship placement preparation and support


A big part of what we do is to prepare the best undergraduates and graduates for top training contracts, trainee placements and internships.


We do this by offering a wide range of one on one preparation training, including written and verbal presentation skills to build confidence and self-awareness training and coaching.









The packages most suited to preparing for training contracts and internship placements include the Interview Advantage service and the Bespoke service. Our support is individually tailored and is available either through a single or several two hour sessions. Each service can be shaped around your specific needs and areas of improvements.

Our team of recruitment experts have been responsible for the contract and internship application process; they have themselves selected the successful applicants. They know what the top firms are looking for, and will help bring out the best in you to secure the desired training contract and/or internship.


The Interview Advantage service will best prepare you for success with your training contract or internship application; our team prepares you to succeed. Internships are crucial experiences to prepare you for your first job and the career that awaits you. We encourage students to apply for internships as early as possible; ideally in your first year at university. Our service will ensure you are at your best first time round, so that you do not lose out on any experience. We offer one-off sessions tailored to meet your specific needs, or up to three tailored sessions to monitor your progress in the application process. As part of this service, you can expect to practise anything from the following:

  • mock interviews
  • training to develop your CV and LinkedIn profile
  • commercial and business awareness
  • case study and assessment centre skills

We listen to you and the areas where you feel your strength and confidence needs to be developed. Our service begins with a no-fee, no obligation conversation, a chance for you to understand and talk through where your possible doubts lie, and where you would like our advice. It is our opportunity to discover what you are looking for, and whether we are the best people to help you. Following your tailored sessions with us, we provide an additional service of telephone and email support ‘on tap’ for a modest fee providing you have booked three or more sessions with us.


We also offer the Bespoke service for clients seeking the ultimate comprehensive and personalised programme to support their training contract and/or internship applications. We take our students right through to a full-time employment offer, so bespoke students should feel confident that they will be successful in their contract and internship applications. Our highly trained, experienced team analyse and identify their clients’ particular needs, which focuses them throughout the entire graduate recruitment process. Our Bespoke service programme includes the following:

  • an initial consultation
  • sector support sessions
  • CV and application form support
  • mock interview consultation
  • assessment centre preparation
  • additional competency testing

We work around you and your timetable, so each focus may be touched on as and when appropriate for your plan of action regarding internships, contracts and jobs. As a Bespoke Service client, you would have ongoing access to our team.


Should you wish to experience a taster of our Interview training and coaching services, you can contact us for an initial no fee, no obligation conversation.

Interview Advantage