Commercial awareness preparation


Top jobs in law and financial services require a high degree of commercial awareness. Commercial awareness spans everything from awareness of, and ability to talk intelligently about, current affairs to being able to demonstrate business savvy. After all, law and financial service firms serve business clients and they want to recruit candidates who are business thinkers and really understand the issues facing those clients. Their recruiters focus on commercial awareness as a key competency.

All of the members of our team at Interview Advantage have built their careers in top firms advising leading international clients. We can share practical knowledge built on over 50 years of experience with each of our students on either the Interview Advantage or Bespoke packages. The Interview Advantage support will be tailored to your specific needs. We can provide an intensive focus on commercial awareness as well as more general advice on how to stay in-the-know. We can also provide a series of personalised tutorials and exercises on commercial awareness to support you through the application process. The Bespoke package is an invitation-only programme which coaches you up until the moment you receive a full-time employment offer. We tailor each step of the process to your every need. Our expertise is evident from the progress we envisage you making in the near future.

We also offer bespoke commercial awareness training in the form of workshops, tutorials and case studies which teach all aspects of commercial awareness, concentrating particularly on how the economy and how the City works, how businesses work and the intricacies of particular sectors, how banks, financial services and law firms work and how to improve your commercial awareness.

Should you feel that commercial awareness preparation is a key area that you need to work on, click here to take advantage of our advice. Our recent video tutorial on commercial awareness could be the next step you take to building on your knowledge and plan of action to keep up to date with current affairs. Contact us for your initial no-obligation, no-fee conversation to see whether our service is the right type of support for you to demystify the competency further.

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