Interview Advantage

Preparing to succeed

Interview Advantage is for those clients who need pre-interview training, support and coaching through the graduate recruitment process for the most competitive graduate roles. The service includes one-off sessions or up to three tailored sessions during which we provide mock interviews and training to develop CV, LinkedIn profile, interview, commercial and business awareness, case study and assessment centre skills.

The selection processes of top recruiters are starting earlier and earlier. You may only be in your first year at university and yet friends are already talking about the must-have internships.

Or, you may be about to graduate and are applying for a graduate job with little or no experience of a formal interview. The final barrier standing between you and the internship/job you really want is the interview process. Often this is the highest hurdle of all. The best qualified people don’t always get the best jobs. Those who are best prepared do.

Initial no-fee, no-obligation conversation : The Interview Advantage service begins with a no-fee, no-obligation conversation. For us, its purpose is to discover what you are looking for, and whether we are the best people to help you. It also allows you to find out if you like us and whether you believe we can make a difference.

CV and LinkedIn profile preparation : Finding a top job is never easy, and at the moment it’s more difficult than ever. The first hurdle is to be invited for interview. For that you need a CV designed to attract the attention of recruiters ­ people who are not easily impressed. Some recruiters also require personal statements ­ a description of yourself and your motivations, and illustrations of your qualities. Building a good LinkedIn profile is also increasingly important.

What you’ve done before and during your time at university gives colour to your CV; it’s what improves your chances of making it to the interview stage. For some students it is a challenge to articulate their achievements in the language graduate recruiters use. We have screened thousands of CVs over the years and have a clear understanding of what employers are looking for. We will review your CV (and personal statements as well as LinkedIn profile, if these are required) and offer feedback, thereby ensuring your CV, personal statements and LinkedIn profile reflect your experience and abilities in the best possible light and have maximum impact.

Interview preparation : Once the CV and personal statement are as strong as possible, we then move on to preparing you for interview and schedule one or more mock interviews (and, if real interviews are likely to demand one, a case-study as well). We also prepare you for the business and commercial awareness interviews where these will be required. If you’re looking to land that elusive job, vacation scheme, training contract or internship opportunity, you need to walk into the all-important interview with confidence. You need to have an idea of what is likely to happen and how you might respond to certain types of questions. We put you through your paces in the mock interview, designed to replicate as closely as possible a typical graduate interview.

The mock interview can be a potentially stressful prospect for some students. However our clients frequently comment that this experience is invaluable in preparing them for what to expect. Furthermore, although we strive for realism, we also ensure students have a nurturing, positive and constructive experience. We’ve interviewed thousands of top graduates; we know what works at interview and what doesn’t.

It’s a tried and tested approach that gets results. We are graduate interview experts. Our experience proves this will give you a level of confidence when it comes to the interview itself. You have a clear idea of what to expect and you will have practised and rehearsed in a safe and supportive environment.

Additional support : If you book three or more sessions with us we can, for a modest additional fee, provide telephone and e mail support ‘on tap’ over an agreed period to deal with any further questions which you may have and provide any additional advice and guidance which you may need.

We will help you:

  • Brainstorm some of the likely questions you might be asked and establish credible responses which demonstrate your ability to the full
  • Explore what is working well in the interview, and coach you to address any areas where you might improve
  • Demystify some of the selection tools employers use, for example case studies frequently used in consulting interviews
  • Ensure you know what to expect, so you will walk in with a much greater level of confidence
  • Provide feedback and needs analysis based on your mock interview

Pricing: We charge £695 per two hour session in Oxford, there is a small additional premium to be seen outside Oxford.

Cost of additional support (referred to under ‘Additional support’ above) : POA.

Payment in full is required before each session.