For clients seeking the very best comprehensive and personalised programme, with unlimited access to graduate recruitment experts.

The Bespoke Service is an invitation-only programme, providing the highest level of ongoing support to a select number of students,right through to a full-time employment offer. To maintain high service levels, there are never more than 20 students on the programme at one time.

Our Bespoke Service is designed for:

  • Students interested in internship opportunities or permanent positions in banking and financial services, or legal and professional services.
  • Students valuing unlimited access to graduate recruitment experts, who offer advice at all stages of the application process and provide constant practical help.
  • Students interested in a mentoring service tailored to their needs and underpinned by a clearly defined, structured programme.

Our Programme

Through on-going mentoring (face-to-face, e-mail and Skype) we analyse and identify our clients’ specific needs, motivating and focusing them throughout the entire graduate recruitment process. Our programme includes the following elements:

Initial Consultation : A comprehensive initial consultation is an essential first step. Clients undertake a short mock interview, to assess their strengths and development areas. We also consider their level of preparedness for their chosen career path, and what needs to be done to assure success.

Sector Support Sessions : Each session is individually structured to address particular questions e.g. identifying key employers to target, understanding what recruiters look for, researching developments within the sector and analysing the client’s own personal strengths and weaknesses within the context of the application.

CV and Application Form Support : Our aim is to ensure a client’s CV is as strong as possible, thus maximising their chances of success. Their core CV is prepared, then subsequently adapted for each application. Individual sessions and email dialogue deal with edits, advice and proof-reading.

Mock Interview Consultation : These sessions cover both face-to-face and telephone interviews. They are structured to include competency- based questions, those specific to the sector to which the client has applied and, where appropriate, case-study interviews. Detailed feedback is given for each section.The client both experiences the interview and receives in-depth feedback on their performance. All aspects of their performance are reviewed, from body language to content of responses.

Assessment Centre Preparation : These assessment centre days have been rigorously designed to help our clients understand the qualities recruiters look for and the key skills and core competencies required for a client to excel at this stage of an application. Corporate assessment centres can range from three hours in duration to full-day events with multiple activities including team, presentations, ability testing and case-studies.

Additional Competency Testing : Throughout the programme there are individual sessions working on communication skills – giving applicants the confidence to tackle challenging questions and to be themselves during the interview – as well as commercial awareness and presentation skills.

All clients on The Bespoke Service have ongoing access to the Interview Advantage team. Their skills and experience complement each other perfectly, focusing on mentoring for essential skills and competencies and using their assessment expertise to track progress and identify areas for further improvement.

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