Career counselling


Many of our clients at Interview Advantage come to us for guidance on the direction of their future careers. It is important that you start to think about your career path early enough so that we can start coaching you into a clear choice by the time you are in your first or second year of University. Recruiters are starting the selection process for top jobs earlier and earlier. We are keen that you choose a career in time to make the best possible applications for internships and vacation schemes.

We find career guidance hugely rewarding, and we use our inside knowledge of the professional services and financial sector to help clients understand what working in those areas is really like. We also help clients understand what their strengths and abilities are – what really makes them tick – by offering them the services of our professional business coach and psychometric experts.


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We also provide psychometric test, critical reasoning test, verbal reasoning test, numerical reasoning test preparation, guidance and coaching. We have access to all the best products on the market including CareerLeader, The Highlands Test Battery and Watson Glaser, among others.

The most suitable programme for those clients who feel they need help deciding on the direction in which to launch their career it is the Career Choice programme. The service includes up to three tailored sessions during which we assess the client’s strengths and preferences, and build a career plan. Our team have conducted hundreds of interviews and they know that you must be able to demonstrate a genuine passion and reason behind your career choice. That is why we believe that career coaching is a highly important step. Our programme aims to help you decide on which path you wish to take, and then point you in the right direction to prepare you to signpost that commitment for future employers.

Contact us for your initial no-fee, no-obligation conversation to see whether Interview Advantage’s Career Choice is the step you should be taking towards preparing for your leap in to the world of work. We find that talking to you helps us to understand how best we may help you.


Career Choice