Behavioral based interview training


Behavioural based interview training uses examples from your own life and work experience to demonstrate certain skills that a potential employer may be looking for.

Interview Advantage gives one to one training to those looking to hone their skills as an interviewer or to individuals who want to present their best side during an interview. Our expert interview coach has years of blue-chip graduate and MBA recruiting experience.

There are ideal qualities or “core competencies” that an employer may be looking for when posting a job. They may have already evaluated their most high-performing staff and identified the qualities that seem to work best in their company environment. For instance some employers may value creative problem solving far above leadership abilities

Behavioural based interview training for the applicant

We first give an insight on how to establish what qualities or competencies the interviewer may be looking for. The most obvious is looking in any advertising that the company may have posted for the position. A job posting will either tell you outright what qualities they are looking for or give strong clues as to the areas they consider important.

Another way is to view the company website which will confirm the values they want to convey to the public. The values they are most proud of are usually what they are looking for in an employee. Though this may help with the company competencies there are likely ones much more specific to the role. We can help you establish a credible answer to most of the core competencies in an interview.

Once you have established what competencies are most important to that particular position, how will you convey your perfect fit to the interviewer?

Hesitation over responses will only cement the fact that you are not up to the job. The best way to answer any competency based interview questions is by employing the STAR Mnemonic


So let’s say there are core competencies they are looking for you to demonstrate here like leadership or creativity. The best way to demonstrate those competencies, are in relation to an experience that you had in the past.

Ideally this would be a recent example in your work history. Though in the case of someone with little or no work experience, it is acceptable to use personal experience.

So this answer would be helped by talking about the star mnemonic which helps you structure your competency based interview answers and keep it concise, clear and convincing so that you don’t start rambling or hesitating.

So for example of the STAR mnemonic say someone is asked to demonstrate leadership abilities

And you think of an example of organizing a fashion show

S stands for situation

The situation was that I wanted to organize a fashion show to raise money for charity

There is a particular designer that I think is great and they even agreed to donate dresses for the event. The only problem with that is that they are all size 8 and so many of the people that were going to model for the event would not have been able to fit in the clothes

T stands for task

The task was to try to find a way to make everyone feel involved and secure while still allowing me to use these clothes that were size 8 while not offending anyone

A stands for action

the action I took was to try to get some other designers involved as well so there was a range of sizes available. The ability to be able to have other dresses that were a bigger size meant that I could allow everyone to be involved while still using the designer I wanted to showcase. I also gave people other jobs to do in the back to make them feel like they were part of the show and delegated some of my responsibilities

R stands for result the result was we had a terrific show everyone was really happy . Everyone felt really involved and helped me raise lots of money and it was a complete success
Be prepared for the interviewer to ask a lot of questions about the example that you have used. They will often dive in to your answer to explore the backstory of what you have conveyed.

It’s called funneling and they’ll funnel to ensure you’re telling the truth and that is actually what happened.

They will be looking out for what kind of hidden things about what your example could give them evidence of other competencies – like here e.g. there could be some evidence of team-work or problem-solving as well as leadership.

They are looking to make sure that it did actually happen as you are describing it. It’s not that they’re suggesting you’re not telling the truth. It is just really understanding what happened in certain situations and whether you have a decent level of self-awareness.

Because people have their own skewed view of what happened anyway and so in their telling they might say, “Oh why did that person react that way if you were handling it so well” kind of thing.

In behavioral based interview training, Interview Advantage helps you to go through your CV and choose examples of real situations that you’ve been in that would clearly demonstrate these core competencies and make sure your story is complete.