Advice on job interviews

adviceInterview advice

You have been looking for the perfect job, and you have been called in for an interview. Now you are worried, you don’t want to mess it up so you are wondering what to do during the interview process. Well don’t panic, just follow these tips and you will be able to make it through the interview.


Research the company that you are interviewing for. Knowing what the company does, can help you move through the interview smoothly. Learn about the history of the company. Learn everything you possibly can about the company, it demonstrates enthusiasm and interest to the employer.

Know what you are applying for. It’s important to know what your title will be, and what your responsibilities might be.

The way you are dressed is important. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Be sure to dress appropriately for the job. If you are interviewing for a professional job that requires a bachelor’s degree or high, then you want to dress for it. The same goes if you are interviewing for a manufacturing job. Make sure that you are well groomed; you want to be clean and tidy. Make sure you clothes are neatly pressed, your hair is neatly brushed, and that you are well washed.

Relax during the interview, but maintain good posture. Try not to slouch, the employer could interpret this to meant that  you don’t care even if that is not the case. If it is possible, try to practise your interview in front of the mirror. Prepare for the questions that you may be asked during the interviewed. While thinking about the questions, practise maintaining your posture.

Finally, be well mannered. Use proper language, don’t use slang or swear words, this could kill any chance that you have of landing the job. At the end of the interview, thank the employer for their time, and shake their hand. It can be very nerve racking when you finally have that shimmer of hope at landing the job of your dreams. The truth is, if they called you to interview, you’ve already made it through the first step, the employer has gone though many applications before choosing you and that is great news! So be positive  and good luck!