Advice on job interviews – what to wear

successDressing for an Interview

Dress code for today’s interview may not be as strict as it once was.  Some companies – depending on the sector/industry actively encourage smart/casual dress.  However, as always, do your research first. Some companies appreciate a new look but some may not be as tolerant.


There are some general rules that are useful to follow:

  • Stick to the colors that feel cool to look at or a color that matches your skin tone. Most of the time, navy and black are safe bets. It is a big mistake to wear flashy colors, like pink, orange and red. Stay away from patterns that look like splotches or stains. Don’t let your interviewer be distracted by the color you wear.
  • Be formal. Even if you apply for a junior position, show your professionalism by dressing to impress. It helps to dress as if you’re already in the profession. It assures the interviewer that all you need to do is fill in the job. Checking the place first and looking at what the employees are wearing could help you eliminate choices.
  • Scuffed footwear is a no-no.
  • Looking refined is nice, but don’t overdo it.
  • Hairdo. It must look professional and neat. Do away with flashy hairstyles.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum. Piercings along the front of face (like nose, face, eyebrows) is a fatal error.
  • Don’t forget to eliminate all creases/folds that make your clothes look rumpled. What you wear tells a lot about who you are.
  • Perfume/aftershave/scents. Keep it to a minimum or eliminate it altogether. It could trigger an allergic reaction from your interviewer.
  • Make sure that your clothes fit you and don’t make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Don’t ruin your attire by bringing along a lousy bag/briefcase. Make sure it matches with what you wear.
  • Manicured nails.
  • Minor details count


for men:


  • Don’t forget to shave or trim your beard before an interview.
  • The basics, suit, tie, long sleeved shirt, pants, socks and shoes.
  • Avoid flashy ties and socks not in dark hues.
  • Look at your collar’s fit. Make sure it won’t make your interviewer feel like your collar’s choking you.


For women


  • Don’t wear too much makeup. Keep it to a minimum
  • Err on the side of conservatism. Avoid clothes that show too much cleavage or too much of things that should not be seen.
  • Wear appropriate lingerie. This saves you from those annoying lines you see especially when you wear a tight fitting skirt or pants.
  • Be sure that your belt and jewelry match with what you wear.
  • When wearing skirts, make sure that it is long enough that you do not need to spend much time to tidy it up.
  • Don’t use dangling earrings.
  • If you do not have an appropriate jewelry, it is better to wear none at all as a wrong choice of jewelry could ruin the overall effect.
  • If you have to wear heels, make sure you are comfortable with it and would not make you feel like you’re toppling over. Remember, you perform best when you are comfortable.