Advice on job interviews – What is a CV?

Posted on April 3, 2015 Under Uncategorized

CVitaeAt Interview Advantage we can not only answer the question, ‘What is a CV ?’ but we can help you make yours more attractive to the company of your choice. You have been around the world and you have done many things. Maybe you were teaching somewhere in Africa or a small village in Brazil. That’s great, and now you want to settle down and apply for a graduate trainee position. You have seen something advertised which is of interest and they need to see your CV. Wait! What is a CV? A CV summarizes your educational and academic background as well as any research or teaching that you may have done. When you write a CV for work, you might follow these steps and CV techniques: First, think about the job for which you are applying. Research the company so that you can have the information that you include be relevant to where you are applying. Many make the mistake of sending the same CV to everyone. A targeted CV will always get a better response. You will need to have your personal information in the document. You need your education, your interests, skills and references. You can use any format that you wish; there is no set type. Make sure margins are aligned, paragraphs have sufficient breaks, you only use one type of font and are consistent with headings. Your name should be bigger than the rest of text on the document so that the person reading it knows about whom they are reading. Then in the right hand corner have your address, phone number and email address. You also need to have an area to write about all of your education, qualifications and work experience. Then finally talk about your skills, achievements, hobbies and interests. All is lost if you include bad spelling, incorrect grammar, and punctuation errors. It is best to get someone else to proofread to be safe. When you are writing a CV, you are painting a picture for the reader of who you actually are and what you can do. You want to be as straightforward as you can, and don’t add a lot of fluff. If you have done volunteer work they want to hear about that. Be sure to talk about everything that is relevant to the job at hand and you should be just fine.