Advice on job interviews – Tips on how to get a job interview

getinterviewedWhen employers are receiving countless applications for only one posting, it is helpful to get as many tips to get an interview as possible. At Interview Advantage we start with your CV, to make sure you are noticed. We believe there is no such thing as being over-prepared and we want to make sure you have the advantage in your chosen career choices.

Many students have submitted CVs, but wonder, why aren’t we getting interviews? Many blame it on the current state of the economy, others blame nepotism; still some go as far as to blame the company itself and the managers. The truth is the responsibility lies with the applicant and no one else. Usually students are not even aware of best practices to get through the first sift.

Tips to get an interview

• Make sure your CV is structured and easy to read.  On average recruiters spend a couple of minutes on one CV.  It is therefore helpful if the CV is laid out clearly so they can go straight to the Academics/Work Experience and Extra-curricular sections.

• Try using a different size of paper. When companies get stacks of resumes/CVs, it would certainly make yours stand out.

• Deliver the CV in person. • Find and befriend an insider. They can often tell you specifics about a certain company and may even refer you.

• Don’t make your CV sound generic. Give it a personal touch. Just don’t send one CV to ten different companies. Think of the position and re-write to suit.

• Follow up. It lets them know you are interested. • Make sure that it is addressed to the right person. Call someone who actually works there and ask.

• Proofread, and always improve. We’ve seen some CVs with typos and grammatical errors. It does tell a lot about you. One might think that if you can’t be serious about getting such a small paper right, how can you be trusted with reports?

• If companies require you to submit non-paper form CVs remember to use keywords specified in the job advertisement.

• Read and follow instructions! Often employers put some random instruction in the posting and use it to make the first cut if not followed. It has lead many to downfall. Don’t forget that basic rule.

• Write a cover letter that would blow their minds. Impress them. It is your first introduction, don’t waste it.

• Consider applying to companies that are not so well known. After all, the great ones started from obscurity. Consider what you have. If you’re just a fresh graduate, don’t apply to a company which you know only hires those with experience.

• Be honest, and don’t overstate what your qualifications are and what you can do. It can certainly backfire.