Advice on job interviews – Interview Body Language

Posted on April 2, 2015 Under Uncategorized

images (1)Knowledge of Interview Body Language can give you an edge over other equally qualified applicants. We must keep in mind that most humans are visual. Body language gets across much more than the words we say.

Interview Body Language Do’s

  • Show confidence
  • Maintain eye contact. Just make sure it looks natural and that you don’t look like a doll with a never-ending stare.

  • Keep both feet on the floor. Crossing your legs sometimes sends a negative message. It’s like saying “I’m at home” and it does not look professional.

  • Relax, and check your body posture. Make sure you’re not too stiff or too lax.

  • Show enthusiasm and fascination. Lean forward (but not too much that you invade the interviewer’s private space) and make direct eye contact.

  • Try to go with your interviewer’s body language. It suggests that you understand him/her. Just be sure not to mimic them so that it appears creepy.

  • Be open and expressive as you speak. This engages the interviewer. Show them that you really know what you’re talking about. Thus, being enthusiastic about what you do does factor in.

  • Choose the best position when going to interviews. Avoid sitting with your back to the window, it makes you look like a silhouette. Choose a position that allows you to speak without much neck bending just to look at the person you’re talking to.

  • Choose your scents carefully. Less is more. Scents like clothing tell much about a person. Don’t choose those scents that are likely to trigger allergies. You went to an interview, not a sneezing session courtesy of your interviewer.

  • If you are being interviewed by two or more interviewers, don’t forget to give them eye contact as you answer. Just make sure that it does not look like you’re watching a ping pong game with your head bobbing from left to right.

  • Nod. Nod at the right places, to show you get what the interviewer is saying.

  • Smile. A nervous smile is better than a neutral face or a frown.

Interview Body Language Don’ts

  • Stop fidgeting. During the interview, don’t place a pen or handkerchief near your hand. You would not be able to resist playing with it and it distracts the interviewer.
  • Don’t  touch anywhere. Avoid rubbing your nose, touching the side of your ear, putting your hand at the back of your neck or flicking your hair. It makes the interviewer feel that your mind is elsewhere and you’re not really listening to him/her, to others, it could also mean that you are lying..
  • Don’t frown or show a grumpy expression. Job interviews can be tough, and habits are hard to break, some people do frown when they think or show an expression that is entirely uncalled for.
  • Avoid ummmsss and aaahhs when you cannot find words to say anymore. Take a deep breath (not too loud, of course) and learn when to stop. Know before-hand the necessary fillers, in other words, do your research.
  • Do not cross your arms in your chest. It shows aggressiveness. And that is something that is uncalled for, unless you’re applying for a job as a pugilist.
  • Avoid unnecessary gestures. Avoid slicing your hand through the air or forming a fist when making a point. Try to train yourself to “unlearn” your mannerisms. This could be touching the sleeve of your shirt or tapping your shoe on the floor.

Body language can be even more complex. We can teach you other interview techniques to gain advantage over other applicants today. Interview body language can say the wrong things or the right things, what will you say.