I didn’t get the job…


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
~ Winston Churchill

It might be easy and say that you tried and you couldn’t make it work. That you gave the interview your best shot and you just didn’t get the job. But we might ask, “how much effort did you really put in?”

An interview may be be one of the most important events of your year, because getting the job of your dreams can mean a lot. It can mean being happier and making more money. Being happier in yourself and your work can also mean better relationships.

Even though interviews are so important, it is mind boggling how many graduates just “wing it”. You might say that you did prepare for an interview but how much preparation did you do? It is not enough to go over your CV and look at the potential employer’s website or read their annual report. You have to be aware of how you are coming across to a professional interviewer.

So many time students think that they did very well when the reality is much different. This is why we do mock interviews to show you where you could have improved. Our interview experts have real experience in recruitment for graduate positions and can prepare you for the intensive kind of interview questions that you will face for better prospects.

The problem with many graduates is they have little experience of what a real interview is like and usually the better the position the more difficult the interview. This is one test you can’t re-do. A fail here usually means you have lost your chance with that company.

We appreciate it may seem difficult to pay for interview skills training but consider how much your education has cost you. Your whole education has been so you can get a good job and it seems a shame to have all that investment go for nothing. A further investment can mean the difference between a well paying career or settling for whatever you can get.

Strangely it is often interview failures which can give you the much needed information to succeed.

The military calls it reconnoissance (rɪˈkɒnɪs(ə)ns)

n. An inspection or exploration of an area, especially one made to gather information.

Failure is another name for reconnoissance. If you have the right attitude failure is only a rung on the ladder to success. So if you didn’t get the job then use this failure as an opportunity to allow us to help you gather the right information to succeed. This way you will never have to say “I didn’t get the job” again.

Interview Advantage’s training and coaching for graduate jobs will build your interview confidence. Many of our clients come to us when they have been unsuccessful in the graduate recruitment market. We will develop your resilience and arm you with the tools you need to approach graduate recruitment applications with assurance.